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24 November 2015

Join the team behind Theaster Gates’ acclaimed project Sanctum as our new Communications Manager in 2016. Full-time £25k – £28k per annum subject...More..

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Settlement by Cornelia Konrads

In Settlement the ruin of a small house is located in the meadow next to the road. With its simple, symmetric outline, the broad windows and the smooth rendered surface of the lower part this building reflects an average contemporary house, but the rendering blends into natural stone, which becomes more and more rough and weathered towards the top. On the upper part, the stones even seem to loose their connection, as if the walls are about to dissolve. Konrads creates here an ambivalence, a tension between contemporary and ancient architectural environments. The stones seem to be rising effortlessly into the air or tumbling down from above - reflecting the history of settlement in the region and the traces and relics that settlers have left in the landscape.

M8 Cashel to Mitchelstown By Pass, Co. Tipperary


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