DIY13 - Opportunity with Create and Live Art Development Agency

Application deadline: 24 June

Create is once again a partner with Live Art Development Agency on their DIY initiative. For DIY13 Create will host Stephen Hodge for a two-day, intensive DIY project exploring notions of 'tripping' and 'tipping points' through the lens of the 'architect-walker'.

Project summary

This is a 2-day professional development project for artists and cultural practitioners who work, or are interested in developing work, in relation to the urban public realm. Drawing on participants' individual practices and expertise, and working largely on our feet on the streets of Dublin, we will explore notions of 'tripping' and 'tipping points'. It will utilise disrupted walking practices to initiate playful debate, collaboration, intervention and spatial meaning-making; help participants to develop individual tactics for negotiating the city; and facilitate transdisciplinary exchange through walking and talking with other artists and non-artists on an equal footing.

Together, we will undertake a series of peripatetic experiments designed to interrogate questions such as: How might walking culture contribute to architecture? When does the walker become an architect? How small a change is required to tip the city, or the lived experience of the city, from one state to another? We will respond to input from experts from other spatial practices, as well as each other. This DIY project is rooted in the continued rise in urban, peripatetic practices. It will touch on the transformative potential of transdisciplinary (even antidisciplinary) dialogues around place and mobility. On thinking around climate change and sustainable living. On living between the local and the global. On the growing assault on 'public space' triggered by an exponential rise in Privately Owned Public Spaces (POPS) and Public Space Protection Orders (PSPOs). On tactical urbanism ('short-term action for long-term change').

Location, dates and times

The city of Dublin.

Time: 16 and 17 August

Participants will need to cover the cost of travel, accommodation + subsistence (although the cost of a decent group meal on the evening of day 1 will be covered).

Application procedure and requirements

Given the nature of walking-based activities, there are a maximum of 8 places. The experience will be most interesting if we are able to achieve as wide mix of disciplinary backgrounds as possible. Please send a statement (500 words maximum) about your own practice and how you imagine the DIY project would be of benefit to you.

Applications must be sent to  If you would like to know more about the 2-day workshop and/or the artist please contact Stephen at the same address. For further information regarding DIY 13 please contact Lynnette Moran, Producer at Create: 

Stephen generates live art + spatial practices across a range of contexts, e.g.: 'Where to build the walls that protect us', Kaleider commission (2013-14);
'4 x 4 Screens', Live Art Development Agency DVD (2013);
'The Master Plan', Book Works/Situations co-publication (2012);
'SLarristokaupunki', ANTI Festival commission, Finland (2009);
'for piano solo', National Review of Live Art, Glasgow (1994).
He is a core member of Wrights & Sites, four artist-researchers who focus on people’s relationships to places, cities and walking. The outcomes of their work varies from project to project, but frequently include site-specific performance, Mis-Guided Tours (e.g. 'Stadtverführungen in Wien', Vienna Festival, 2007), published Mis-Guides (e.g. 'A Mis-Guide To Anywhere', 2006), 'drifts', mythogeographic mapping, public art (e.g. 'Everything you need to build a town is here' for Situations, 2010) or installations (e.g. 'mis-guided', BBI Fribourg, 2008), as well as public presentations and articles. He is Associate Professor in Live Art + Spatial Practices at the University of Exeter, a stakeholder resident at Kaleider and a Live Art UK Associate.



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