Time management

The work plan assists in setting out the various stages from development to realisation.

Permanent artwork

Phase 1.      Developing ideas, background research, contacts and connections
Phase 11.    Finalising the details and specification.  
Phase 111   Making the artwork.  
Phase  IV    Transport and Installation
Phase V       Further site works you may have a role in e.g. lighting, paving.
Phase VI      Post commission - documentation, evaluation. These might be done throughout process.  

Process or time-based work

Phase 1.      Developing ideas, background research, structuring of ideas, contacts and connection
Phase 11.    Setting out phases of the process
Phase 111.  Manifestation / making of work
Phase IV      Promotional aspects - or catalogues/ recordings/ publications
Phase V       Preparation for presentation
Phase IV      Presentation of work/ event/performance/installation.
Phase V       Post commission - documentation, evaluation, etc. These might be done throughout process. 




Per Cent for Art Commission | Carrigabruise National School, Cavan

13 April 2017

Deadline for applications: Wednesday 24 May, 12 noon. Under the Per Cent for Art Scheme, Carrigabruise National School wishes to commission new...More..

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Greystones Educate Together National School appointed a voluntary committee with relevant expertise to oversee the per cent for art commissioning process. An external curator, Máire Davey, was appointed specifically for her expertise in working in a highly collaborative way as meaningful involvement from the students and school was viewed as central to the process. The procurement route chosen was limited invited competition.

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